Sonntag, April 17, 2005


Kommentare von Künstlern über bel air

A smoke free night club in Munich is difficult to imagine, although, It
would be great.
We were in Florida in September, and every bar, restaurant and all other
public places are smoke free. Its wonderful to have a meal without having
someones 2nd hand smoke coming between you and the taste of your food.
Plus it disturbs me when I am paying a lot of money for my food, and a
25cent cigarette destroys the flavor.
I was a very heavy smoker for 16 years, so I do understand the smokers side.
On the other hand, I realize today how very wrong I was to get angry at
someone who requested I extinguish my smoke.
I suppose that eventually Germany will cave in and give us some clean air,
but, when?
Hope you are well,
John Paiva

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